Information about the conference

The second phase of an international project, implemented in the Theatre. Exams in Krakow will be devoted to changes in understanding the function of the actor and acting techniques that have occurred in the last decade the European theater. We will try to answer the question whether these changes in the same way on the theater of Eastern Europe and Western Europe and what place in the process of change is Poland. Our point is also to assess their implications for the European theater life, and to determine their relationship to earlier traditions of theater.

In particular, we are interested in the following:

  • acting “traditional” and “modern” – which count for these distinctions, and whether they are legitimate?;
  • voice and body actor – the coexistence or conflict of verbal and nonverbal means of expression in the latest theater actor to the expansion of new forms of theater “carnal” (eg Anglo-American Physical Theatre, French Theatre du corps, etc.);
  • voice, body and sex of the actor as an area stage of the experiment;
  • the actor-audience relationship in the past and today: the distance the stage and the “culture of exposing” the problem of obscenity and its boundaries blur;
  • the actor or performer? Impact on performance art of acting technique, improvisation in the work function of stage actor;
  • political and ethical aspects of acting and new actors’ mobilization strategies to the public;
  • the latest form of the word theater as a challenge for the contemporary actor.

In this part of the project, in the Theatre. Exams in Krakow on …. The international conference will be held Fri

“Actor: flesh and word in the latest theater.”
The conference will bring together experts and guests from nine European partner theaters: German Volksbühne (Berlin), Italian, Piccolo Teatro di Milano (Milan), France La Rose des Vents (Villaneuve Codex d’Ascq, Lille metropolitan area), Czech Svandovo Divadlo the Smichov (Prague), two Russian theaters, “Sovremiennika” (Moscow) and the Theatre. E. Vakhtangov (Moscow), two Ukrainian – the Lviv Academic Theatre Voskresinnia and Kiev Academic Theatre of Young and Young at the National Theatre of Lithuania (Vilnius).